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Planning your backyard swimming pool in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga

Swimming is considered one of the healthiest and most effective forms of exercise. Great for working all of the muscles of the body, swimming can build muscle strength without putting stress and strain on joints. Swimming can also relax various muscles and relieve aches and pains due to injury or arthritis and it can increase cardiovascular fitness.

Swimming can also be used for pure relaxation and meditation ~ imagine the serenity you could experience while closing your eyes and feeling the sensation of soothing, refreshing water in the complete privacy and serenity of your own backyard.


Deciding to put a swimming pool in your own backyard is one that most people never regret.

The fun that it brings to families and the recreation, comfort and entertainment that it brings to people of all ages make owning your own swimming pool an excellent choice at any stage of life.

When deciding on your backyard swimming pool, there are a few things to consider…


There are certainly different kinds of swimming pools to suit most budgets. Most people have heard of above-ground, in-ground and even fibreglass pools, but for people who want to add a beautiful pool to their backyard and yet want to be budget-conscience, there is a wonderful, affordable and durable alternative called the on-ground swimming pool.

One should consider and compare the features of each type of pool and get accurate pricing on those that might be suitable for their taste. Then, based on their budget, they can decide which pool would best meet their needs and preferences. Smart Pools On-Ground Swimming Pools offers a wonderful selection of on-ground pools that can suit your budget while adding beauty and enjoyment to your backyard.

Space, Location and Fencing

At Smart Pools, we take careful and thorough measurements of your yard to help you determine size of your pool. This is critical since in most municipalities, swimming pool building codes require the edge of a pool to be 4’ from fence line of yard. In some cities, a full fence enclosure of the immediate pool area is required while in others, fencing around the perimeter of the entire yard is acceptable. In either case, sufficient space around the perimeter of the pool should be considered when deciding on how big you can make your swimming pool. The expertise of Smart Pools On-ground Swimming Pools will also help you to decide on the location and positioning of a pool in your yard, taking into consideration important factors such as proximity of the pool to your house, access ways from the house and yard to the pool, and sun and shade exposure of your swimming pool.

Smart Pools will also help you consider important safety issues in having your own backyard swimming pool. For example, with children and/or pets, it would be important to discuss different kinds of fencing, safety enclosures, gates and alarms that would best suit your needs.


Have a look in mind… do you like clean lines and geometric shapes or, soft, curved lines?

Shape – Smart Pools On-Ground Swimming Pools can customize the shape of your on-ground swimming pool to suit your preferences and backyard design. The sleek straight lines of the Smart Pools on-ground swimming pool include 3 traditional shapes – the octagon, emerald and kidney and each can be tailored to specific sizes and specifications. Although these on-ground pools typically use straight lines and 45o angles, they can be landscaped with soft curved lines to offer a delightful range of applications that finish with stunning results for the entire backyard.

As a final detail, a heavy gauge, UV-protected & bacteria controlling vinyl liner can be chosen from the wide selection of beautiful designs Smart Pools has to offer. The various colours, patterns, and accent borders that are offered may make your decision more difficult, but allows for yet another way to customize your swimming pool and beautify your backyard. Some patterns and colours may be bright and playful, while others may lend a feeling of sophistication and serenity to your landscape design. Your Smart Pools representative and landscape design team can certainly help to choose the liner that is right for your backyard style.


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