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The phrase conjures up an image and certainly leads to the assumption that you need a huge yard in order to have your own pool. But we know this isn’t true as on-ground swimming pools come in in all shapes and sizes and bigger isn’t necessarily better.
To make the most of the space you have, consider the unique advantages of installing a small backyard on-ground pool…

  1. A small on-ground pool can offer a cozy space for relaxation or intimate conversation, whether you’re swimming alone or with special friends. You can also tuck your smaller on-ground pool into a corner of your yard or right up close to your patio where you can accent it with interesting and detailed landscape features… tropical flowers, a lovely shade umbrella, or a trickling rock fountain. Consider the effect of different liner options ranging from earth tones and natural spa-like colours, to oceanic aqua blues and greens to bright, or deep rich blues that look luxurious and inviting. Features such as waterfalls will also give your pool a refreshing and luxurious aesthetic, and you don’t need a large pool to incorporate them into your design.
  2. Another big benefit to a smaller on-ground pool is that they take up less space and money in your landscape and budget which means you’ll have more space and money left for other luxury features. A well-positioned hammock or nearby spa-like cushioned lounger is the perfect place to bask in your personal paradise. A fire bowl centerpiece or beautiful propane fire table will warm you and your guests up on chilly nights and create a lovely, serene outdoor atmosphere alongside your elegant on-ground pool. For those who love a hot tub as well, a smaller on-ground pool offers more physical backyard space and space in the budget to have both.