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Swimming Pools

The on-ground pool is a specially adapted swimming pool that now closely mimics and rivals the in-ground pool.  Its original design was for above ground pools, but the addition of heavier gauge steel walls and supports made this pool ideal for in-ground applications.

Smart Pools on-ground pools use the same solid construction as in-ground pools using 14-gauge corrosion-resistant steel walls and 10-gauge steel wall joiners and buttress supports. The walls are secured together with 10-gauge steel joiners and a 9 bolt fastening system. The strength is unsurpassed in the industry.

Using the STAKE-LOC fastening system, ensures that your pool has protection against rust and corrosion.

Smart Pools share many of the same features of an in-ground pool such as:

  • built-in, walk-in steps with self-cleaning circulation jets
  • underwater LED and halogen lighting
  • gas and propane heaters
  • fully automated equipment controller for high energy efficiency and convenience
  • salt water with the use of electronic salt-sanitizing system


Fully Automated

  • fully automated equipment controller for high energy efficiency and convenience
  • truly Smart Timers that can be installed with programmable timer controls to help minimize energy costs. With a Smart Pool timer, your pool equipment can be programmed to function only when it needs to and heated only when desired.
  • gas and propane heaters
  • salt water with the use of electronic salt-sanitizing system – a very popular option with many benefits…
    – silky, soft salt water
    – no chlorine odor
    environmentally friendly
    – clean, clear and much gentler on your skin, hair, eyes, and bathing suits


Highly Economical – Environmentally Friendly


Standard pool shapesOptional Pool shapes

Grecian shaped swimming pool  Octagon Kidney shaped pool

Emerald shaped pool


Sheer Decent Waterfalls

Sheer decent waterfalls Sheer Decent Waterfall


Deck Jets

Jet Decks


Underwater Lighting Options

Halogen pool lights
LED Lights in back yard pool

Filtration Systems

Pool Equipment



Aqua Rite®  Salt Salt Chlorinator

The AquaRite Salt Chlorinator from Hayward offers a simple, safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly approach to pool sanitization.

It provides all of the benefits of:

  • Soft, silky-smooth water
  • No chlorine odor
  • No chemical and drying effects of chlorine on skin and swim suits
  • An eco-friendly approach to pool sanitization




Smart Pools liners are made of heavy, highly durable 30 mil virgin vinyl. They are protected with UV inhibitors to help protect against the sun and treated to help minimize bacteria growth. As well as durable, Smart Pools liners are made with an extra soft vinyl that adds comfort while ensuring a perfect fit within the pool.

All Premier© Performance Vinyl Liners are made from the finest vinyl available, specifically treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth. Virtually maintenance-free, Premier Vinyl Liners are easy to clean and smooth to the touch. No scuffed toes or snagged swimsuits

A variety of colourful patterns are available along with designer borders to give your pool that added custom look.

Below are some of the liner patterns and borders available.

Real vinyl samples will be provided to help you make your selection. Many other liners and borders are available AND all liners are available with no borders.

Pool liners

Pool Liners2


See liner patterns

*please note that “in-ground” liners are the same as “on-ground” liners


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