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Worried About the Safety of Putting a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

There are several safety measures that one can take to make their backyard swimming pool more safe for children and pets.

  • All pools must have a minimum of 4’ fence around the perimeter of the pool and/or yard with specific rules about the kind of fencing so that it cannot be climbed. Fencing must adhere to unique municipal by-laws.

pool safety fence


  • Fences must have self-closing hinges and latches to ensure that they are kept closed and locked at all times.
  • If the house opens directly out to pool patio, windows and doors should have locks and alarms.
  • All swimmers must know that there is NO DIVING in any part of the pool.
  • Consider: putting up eye-catching NO DIVING signs around the pool

no diving

  • And: Teach everyone that they can only get in to the pool “FEET FIRST”

enter pool feet first

Added Precautions:

Self-locking gate latches, fence and house door alarms/chimes, pool sensor alarms, temporary, removable pool-patio fencing, child wrist bands, life jackets, pool-side buoys, swimming lessons

For more information on pool safety measures, please see

http://wwwronhazelton.comwww.ronhazelton.com    video: “How to make your pool safe for kids”