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As you anticipate the installation of your new on-ground pool, it may be helpful to know about the various stages of construction so that you can be informed and prepared for every step of the on-ground project.

To begin, Robert will arrive at your property a few days before excavation is to begin. He will discuss with you the final placement of your on-ground pool and will measure out the digging area (which will be larger than the perimeter of your pool to allow for plumbing, concrete and backfilling). Robert will then spray paint your pool area to ensure that the excavation is done in the correct place.

Also prior to digging day, if you have agreed to it on your contract, Robert will place the steel sheet roadway on your property wherever the bobcat will be travelling for excavation purposes. This will help to protect your property, grass and gardens from unnecessary damages from the excavation equipment.

Next, your excavation of the entire pool area will begin and, weather permitting, the first stage or your pool dig will be completed within a day.

Weather permitting, within the next 1-2 days, the steel pool walls will then be carefully measured out, levelled and bolted in place. If you ordered it on your contract, your built-in stair will also be bolted in place at this time.

Your pool walls will then be cemented in place for structural stability.

Within 1-2 days following the cementing of the pool walls, the deep-end of your on-ground pool will be further excavated and the perimeter of the pool will be backfilled over top of the hardened concrete.

The floor of your pool will then be shaped and compacted in preparation for the sand coat.

Sand will then be delivered with wheel barrows and a thick layer will be trowelled evenly across the bottom of the pool. It will be hard packed and compacted to create a and smooth surface for your on-ground vinyl liner.

Your on-ground pool liner will then be carefully installed and secured into the coping of your pool walls.

Your pool will then be ready for water and will be filled from either from your garden hose or a water truck if you choose to hire one for this purpose.

When all of the pool excavation work is completed, the steel sheet roadway will be removed and your well-preserved property will be revealed.