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Protective Steel Sheeting – to protect your landscape during on-ground pool installation

Curious about how much damage to your yard you should expect with your on-ground swimming pool installation?

With Smart Pools protective steel sheeting, you can expect great things!

We are industry leaders in your home landscape protection.

Most other pool and backyard construction will cause significant damage to your lawn, garden and sidewalks.

No steel Sheets

No Protective Steel Sheeting

Smart Pools’ specially designed steel sheet path protects your property during on-ground pool construction so that there is minimal, if any, need for repairs to restore your property.

Steel Sheeting to protect your lawn

Innovative Excavation


It’s true that one of the draw-backs of having any kind of work done at your home is sometimes the clean-up afterwards.

However, during the 3 to 4 day on-ground swimming pool installation process, Smart Pools places 3/8” heavy gage, 5’ x 6’ steel sheets that overlap each other to create a temporary path to protect the backyard access-ways during construction. When the work is all done, the sheets are then lifted and removed and the grass and sidewalks below are left virtually undisturbed. We have now used this yard-saving and affordable system on all of our Burlington, Oakville, Kitchener and Cambridge pools and we are impressed with the results.

Front and side yard before restoration and following on-ground swimming pool installation using protective steel sheeting

Typically, swimming pool installations can cause significant damage to home landscapes, but our customers have now seen the results of our protective steel sheeting and they’re impressed .


We are very pleased to offer this unique service as an integral part of our on-ground swimming pool installation.


Our protective steel sheeting is not only affordable, it further saves on expensive repairs to swimming pool owners’ property as well as their neighbours.


As an independently owned company, we are able to provide individualized customer care and we are proud to know that our customers are completely satisfied with our service and the minimal clean-up that they are left with after their pool is installed with Smart Pools.