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As people start to become more familiar with On-ground pools, they still want to know exactly what the advantages are over its in-ground cousin. Quite simply, it’s in the math. In-ground swimming pools typically start around $40,000 to buy and install, but that’s just for the pool itself. Once you factor in all of the finishing work (gas, electrical, and minimal landscape) your budget for this type of project starts at $55K and can cost up to $60 or $70,000 depending on the shape and size. Now add in the necessary concrete or stonework that in-ground pools require and your price goes up again in a significant way. By the time it’s all said and done, you could pay between $60and $100,000 for your newly finished in-ground swimming pool. In contrast, the on-ground pool at Smart Pools On-Ground Swimming Pools can be purchased and installed for approximately $20,000 and the larger ones can cost up to $25,000.

Clearly, the advantage is already obvious. However, the on-ground pool also offers the advantage of being adaptable to a wide variety of materials to finish around the pool perimeter to give it a custom and affordable design. A typical complete budget for an on-ground pool project should be around $35K which would include your gas and electrical connections, and some form of finishing or dressing around the outside. On-ground customers can choose from a variety of natural woods (such as pressure treated, cedar, etc.) or the very popular composite decking. They can also choose from an unending selection of interlock paving stones; or they can choose plain concrete, exposed aggregate, or coloured or stamped concrete for around their pool. Many do-it-yourselfers also find that the on-ground pool is so easy to work with that they choose to add the finishes themselves and save thousands of dollars in labour costs. Essentially, the on-ground pool leaves a lot more room for flexibility and customization in both its finished product and most importantly, its price. Whereas the in-ground pool price can shatter the dream of ever swimming in one’s own backyard, the on-ground pool keeps the dream alive for many homeowners and allows a lot more people to enjoy the comforts of their homes with a beautiful and affordable on-ground pool.